Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

It's the 4th of July again and boy is it hot here! by ten o'clock this morning it was already 90 degrees. This is the kind of day that you really wish you could be in the pool most of the day. But when you have a phobia of being seen in public in a bathing suit, well, you tend to shy away from things like that. I'll just stay here in the air conditioning and work on my book.

In my last blog I posted the poem entitled "The Cost of a Hero". It is so important today, as always, to remember those who risk their lives to keep us safe. Not only the men and women in the military but also those who are on the front lines here at home: police officers,fire fighters and any other "First Responders". Like on 9/11 so many people died that day doing what they were trained to do, saving lives and helping those in trouble. Although we have seen in the news that the wars in the middle east are supposedly winding down and some of our military will be leaving the battle fields, we are still indebted to them for doing what they do and the sacrifices they have made to keep us safe. I hope you will all join me in thanking them this weekend for all that our "HEROES" have done for us.

Now I will come down off my soap box.

Here at home I have been adapting to no longer owning a television. Yep, that's right, I no longer own a television. The one that I had went out on me last weekend, not that I watched it that much anyway, and since I didn't have a TV to watch I had my cable disconnected also. That should save me about sixty dollars a month and every little bit helps this day and age. I love to read anyway and this gives me more incentive to do just that. I will read and reread my favorite books until the spine breaks and if I really like the book, I will go and buy another copy and read it again. This will also give me the chance to read some of the classics that I haven't read in too many years to count. I have found that I like reading more than watching television anyway because it makes me think more and after I have finished my book I imagine what might be happening after that last line has ended. Did the hero and his lady love live a life filled with love and adventure? Did they settle down into the mediocrity of normal life? Did they get married and have kids? You see, the adventure never ends even though the book does and that is what makes me want to be a writer. You just don't have that same tingle when you finish watching a television "reality show" that seems to make up most of the stations lineup these days.

In short; read a book and let your imagination soar!