Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Desecration of the Honor or Heroes

Hello, my friends,                 

They’re at it again and I’m mad as hell!

Westboro Baptist Church, an independent Baptist church based in Topeka Kansas and headed by Fred Phelps and family, is nothing more than a legalized hate group; not too far afield of Nazi-ism if you ask me . . .  but . . . I digress.

These people go all over the country touting their so called “religious” beliefs—disguised as Christians who defile the American flag but shroud themselves in the Bill of Rights—by protesting at the funerals of the very heroes who died to preserve those rights. They preach hate and intolerance and are constantly monitored by the Anti-Defamation League. They advocate prejudice against all who do not follow their practices and deem them “Satanic” and bound for hell. This is not true Christian behavior. Christianity advocates love, honor and respect for their leaders and the warriors who are charged with the protection of the people.

How can this be allowed? You might ask.  Well, this issue was brought before the United States Supreme Court in March of 2011 and in a vote of 8-1 ruled in favor of the church. 

It seems that they have the right to disparage the honor of our fallen heroes as often as they like and just about any manner they choose because it is in the Bill of Rights. You know, that line about freedom of speech and the separation of state and church.  But I ask you this: How could a group of people who so openly abhor this country and shout as loudly as they can that God hates American and we should all be destroyed, they hold up signs that say “Thank God for dead soldiers”; a group that has ridiculed America, expect to be protected by the rights those same dead soldiers they protest against, died for?  Can you say: “double standard”?

Just this past Saturday, January 7th, 2012 one of the fallen heroes, a young Pfc. named Justin M. Whitmire, only 20 years old, was laid to rest in Simpsonville, South Carolina and this band of hoodlums tried to stage a protest.  Do they not realize the agony the families of these fallen young men and women are going through? This young man was training to be a medic; not only was he a soldier to protect his country but he wanted to be a healer as well and these . . .  I have no words to describe them! Scum?  Disciples of Lucifer? However you describe them they are heartless and soulless to celebrate the death of one so good and pure of heart.

They tried to dishonor a hero. They tried to discredit his life’s purpose.  But they failed! Halleluiah, AMEN!

The Patriot Guard Riders, a group of motorcycle riders that formed in 2005 to protect the families of deceased soldiers, was on hand at Pfc. Whitmire’s funeral and stood to protect his loved ones from the protest.  I’ve also heard it on good authority that Hell’s Angels were on hand as well.  From the “grapevine” I heard the Hell’s Angels blocked Frank Phelps and his hoard of heathens from even attending the funeral by blocking the parking lot of a store where they had convened: to “pray” I would imagine.

This country was founded on freedom.  Young men and women have suffered, bled and died for over two centuries to protect those freedoms and I for one believe they should be given proper respect.  There is a difference in “freedom of speech” and down right “hate propaganda”.  Frank Phelps and his “hoard of heathens” he calls a church’s actions may not be technically defined as treasonous, but what do you call it when a group of American Citizens spew out such diabolical rhetoric defaming this country’s military? It aids the enemy in breaking down the morale of our citizens. It gives an opening to home grown terrorists to step in and stoke the flames of discontent within our borders. This administration’s approval rating is at an all time low as it is, not to mention this is an election year and focus is split in a myriad of directions.

The “hoard of heathens” are aiding and abetting terrorist activity. For the sake of and the safety of this country we all need to do something about this situation.  I suggest everyone write their city council, state representative, governor, congressman, hell write the president and let them all know we will not tolerate the desecration of the honor of our fallen heroes.

I only have one last thing to say to those who hate America: Don’t let our borders hit you in the ass on your way out!!!!!

God Bless America, and have a great day.

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