Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Cost of a Hero

The Cost of a Hero
A few weeks ago Anna suggested a great idea! Since we both love to write and we have been best friends for over twenty years we pretty much know more about each other than any one else. We both have been writing since we were old enough to string words together to make sentences. (My mother still has a copy of the first article I had published in my high school news paper when I was sixteen. I can't believe she held on to it this long. I won't go in to how long ago that has been!) Anna suggested that we write a poem together. She wrote the first line then e-mailed it to me, then I wrote the next and e-mailed it back to her. This went on back and forth until we had, what I think, is a really fun and really great piece. I am, with her permission, going to share it with all of my other friends. We have decided to call it "The Cost of a Hero", in honor of the soldiers who have died fighting for our freedoms throughout the history of our country and the loved ones they left behind.

1 Well this isn't right, three hours past midnight and still I stare at the wall
2 the stars are hidden and the moon unbidden as I learn of my lover's fall
3 I'll miss you he said and got out of bed on that gray and misty morn
4 He caressed my cheek, making me weak, his touch so soft and warm
5 It's hard to believe that I couldn't conceive a life of solitude then
6 He was in my heart, he became a part of my soul from beginning to end
7 The thoughts of the finish begin to diminish in an amber pool of whiskey
8 It seems so wrong now that he's gone I still feel when he kissed me
9 Those are the days in my manic haze that bring him back to life
10 I prayed to the gods with held back sobs I was a warriors wife
11 finally I fell, two miles into hell and there at the bottom I stayed
12 It raged in my mind time after time, memories of the love that we made
13 Somber days seen through a purple haze, the tribe has lost their hero
14 As I count the cost of all I have lost, it burns me to the marrow
15 Now that it's done there's no where to run and the loss is too great
16 It's over you see now it's just me, all because of their hate.

Hope ya'll have a great July 4th and remember not only those who have died, but also those who gave of themselves and survived. They all need our honor and our support. Where would we be without them?

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